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Dog Weathervane – Golden Retriever Field Dog Running with Duck

Golden Retriever Coursing with Duck Weather Vane


This Golden Retriever Field Dog, Running with Duck was originally commissioned as a portrait piece. Our customer was owner to this astonishing hunting dog, and they were truly the dearest of friends. The configuration may seem a bit lean for a Golden Retriever, but in the hunting/field dog designation the breed has been developed as extremely athletic and strong. We worked from a series of excellent professional photos, which made getting great accuracy much easier.

The sculpture piece has been crafted from copper sheet in high detailed, swell bodied style. The ‘ground’ bar is embellished with brass grasses. The duck has optional gold leaf applied to its bill, neck ring, and feather tips. These varying ferrous metals, and the addition of non-ferrous gold accents, will create lovely differentiation as the piece weathers and patinas. The glass eyes of the dog and the duck were selected¬†in black.

All of our weathervanes are made to order. Perhaps you have a Golden Retriever you would like a portrait weathervane of. If so, we would love discussing this project with you.

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Golden Retriever Weather Vane Running
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Field Dog-
Running with Duck
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