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Dog Weathervane – Portuguese Water Dog Leaping

Leaping Portuguese Water Dog


This was our first Portuguese Water Dog Weathervane design. The couple who commissioned it wanted to capture this breed’s active nature and love of water. Crafted in a combination of copper and brass, we used both classic  swell bodied techniques and silhouette style construction to create this weathervane. The copper “Portie” is shown leaping into copper waves off a brass pier with copper roping.

Over the years we have developed a variety of specialty hammers to create the right look for varying furs and feathers, but it is always the skill of the hand holding the hammer that makes for our success. As an option, we can also use gold and/or palladium leaf to match the markings of an individual dog. Just send us photos of your dog; we’d be happy to discuss making you your very own portrait Portuguese Water Dog Weathervane.

Our customers also chose to have ‘Lucky Pennies’ added to their weather vane sculpture pieces and to have an inscription placed on the horizontal tube. The tradition of pennies inside weathervanes goes back to Victorian times, when a penny from the year of manufacture was routinely included. At West Coast Weather Vanes we have expanded on that lovely idea, and also add pennies from years that are meaningful to the recipient of the weathervane. We have, at times, put in pennies to celebrate the life of a beloved pet. It is also possible to order a collar with tags on your dog.

Portuguese Water Dogs love to work in the water. Historically they would even dive in and herd fish! They are also a non shedding hypoallergenic breed with a friendly disposition. This breed has become well known since President Obama and his family famously brought “Bo”, a black and white Portie to the White House.

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Portuguese Water Dog
Weathervane Trotting

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Portuguese Water Dog
Weathervane Leaping

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