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Double B Logo Anchor Weathervane

Double B Logo Weather Vane


This Double B Anchor Logo Weathervane is a great example of how beautifully family insignia can work as a weather vane theme. Mounted on the roof of the family beach house this emblem with its jaunty crown is completely charming. It is crafted from copper, in swell bodied style. The crown has been gilded with optional gold leaf, and the jewels in the crown are sapphire blue glass.

A personal inscription was cut into the arrow, and a penny from the year the sculpture piece was crafted is soldered to the end of the arrow.

Because this weather vane is mounted in an area with occasional very strong winds, our customers requested the addition of a security device for protection. This can be seen just below the anchor and above the upper copper ball on the spire above the directionals.

One of the earliest uses of weather vanes was to communicate a family’s location, by displaying their crest or coat of arms. We think it is a great tradition still relevant today.