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Farm Woman Weathervane with Goat

Farm Woman Weather Vane with Goat and Apple


This iconic Farm Woman with Goat Weathervane was ordered by the farm woman herself as a surprise birthday gift for her husband. He had wanted a really personal weather vane to top the greenhouse they were building on their farm. The copper sculpture piece has been crafted in swell bodied style. Optional gold leafing was selected for the farm woman’s face, arms, and belt and for the goat’s udder. Palladium leaf was chosen for the blade of the spade. Red enamel has been applied to the apple and to streaks in the hair. The goat’s glass eyes replicate a natural goat eye in blue with the horizontal pupil.

‘Lucky Pennies’ from significant years in the couple’s life were sealed inside the woman’s body along with the traditional penny of the year the vane was crafted. The name of their region has been inscribed on the bottom bar.

This lovely weathervane will age beautifully with bright gilded highlights as the copper darkens and then patinas.

All of our weathervanes are custom in some way. We never begin construction until we’ve worked with you to get the specific details that will personalize it and make it just what you want! Please call if there is some variation on this vane or any other that you might want us to create.