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Fisherfolk and Dory Weathervane

Dory with Two People Weather Vane


Our Fisherfolk and Dory Weathervane was commissioned by a couple celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary. They decided to give themselves a gift of something they’ve always wanted—a handcrafted weather vane! They were remodeling their home and putting a cupola on the roof line to mount their weather vane. Deciding on a design was not difficult for them because they live near many recreational boating areas and love spending a day floating and fishing. We began the design with our Fisherman and Dory Weathervane, and customized it by adding the woman in the boat, probably bundled up to keep away the cold in the mornings and the mosquitoes later in the day.

This is a mirror image design, fabricated in copper, in Swell Bodied Style. These customers requested optional gold leaf gilding on the oar paddles and the skin. The woman has glass eyes. There is an engraved plaque inside the hull with their names and the date they were wed. The name of the boat is in palladium leaf, and on the stern of the boat they had us engrave the phrase ‘Life is but a Dream’. We also attached to the hull ‘Lucky Pennies’ from the hallmark years for them and their family, in addition to the traditional penny from the year of the weathervane’s completion.

It is a true pleasure to work with our customers to create such valued family heirlooms!