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Football Weathervane – Player #2

Running Back Football Player Weather Vane #2


This Football Player Weathervane #2 was commissioned as a birthday gift for a University of Michigan alumnus. It depicts a Running Back in a classic and famous stance, although it did require a little re-engineering to get it to function as a weathervane as well as a tribute to their alma mater.  The couple was building a new home and the wife wanted to display the new weathervane atop a cupola on the new structure.

The sculpture piece is fabricated from copper, in swell bodied style as a mirror image. Mirror image means that no matter how the wind turns the vane you are always seeing it from the front. That was the tricky and fun part of this design for us here at West Coast Weathervanes.

There is optional gold and palladium gilding accenting the important details that depict the colors of the team and the markings of the husband’s gear. Our player has topaz glass eyes. We worked closely with this couple to get the positioning and details of every aspect correct.

You will see ‘Lucky Pennies‘ attached to the fletching on the arrow. There is also an inscription on the arrow below the player’s foot saying THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS. Weathervanes are a wonderful way to celebrate important aspects of life and create heirlooms that recognize that significant history.

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