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Fox Weathervane – Trotting

Trotting Fox Weather Vane


This Trotting Fox Weathervane is quite popular. Pictured above are three versions of this sweet, wild animal vane. Each has a slight variation requested by the customer at the time of placing the order and getting on our production calendar. All three are fabricated from copper in swell bodied style. Two have optional gilding in palladium on their tails, but in differing patterns. One has its tail draped a bit further down. We love being able to personalize a design for the look you are after. And when it comes to wild animals, they actually do present differently in varying regions.  You also choose the glass eye color when ordering. Some customers have chosen the color wild things eyes light up at night, because they were planning to light the vane from the roof.

We made another Fox Weathervane design for a couple who have a bed and breakfast in Kansas. For them we applied gold leafed letters for the name of their inn and we used the same font as they use on their other promotional materials. It was a huge success and so traditional to use a weather vane as a business placard—that tradition goes back centuries to times of uneven literacy.

Fox is a general term applied to any one of roughly 27 species of small to medium-sized omnivorous canids in the tribe vulpini with sharp features and a brush-like tail. By far the most common species of fox is the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), although different species are found on almost every continent. The presence of fox-like carnivores all over the globe has led to their appearance in the popular culture and folklore of many nations, tribes, and other cultural groups. Fox terminology is different from that used for most canids. Male foxes are known as dogs, tods, vixes (plural of vix), or reynards, females are referred to as vixens, and their young are called kits or cubs, as well as pups. A group of foxes is a skulk.