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Frog Weathervane – Leaping From Lilypad

Frog and Lily Pad(Amphibian anura) Weather Vane


The Frog and Lily Pad Weather Vane, Amphibian anura, featured in this image consists of a copper frog, copper lily stems and a brass lily pad and lily petals. It is a close cousin to our Frog with Lily Pads Weathervane design. This version has one lily pad and two lotus blossoms while the other version has two lily pads and three lotus blossoms.

Many of our customers request optional gold leafing on the blossoms. When gold leafed, the blossoms retain a luminous golden color as the copper first patinas a deep chocolate brown before eventually turning a lovely turquoise green.

One of our customers put their Frog Weathervane with Lily Pad sculpture piece in the center of the pond right at water level. The wind caused it to turn in the water and the golden lily blossoms reflected beautifully against the dark colored water.

Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed. The eyes are made from handcrafted translucent glass. People who order this weather vane get to choose the eye color they want for their frog. Popular choices of eye color for this vane are green, emerald, red or topaz.

The frog represents the lunar yin, and the Frog spirit Ch’ing-Wa Sheng is associated with healing and good fortune in business. To Vietnamese people, Frog is the uncle of the Sky. According to a Vietnamese ancient story, whenever they grind their teeth, it is going to rain. The Moche people of ancient Peru worshipped animals and often depicted frogs in their art.