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Frog Weathervane – Leaping Between Lilypads

Frog with Lily Pads(Amphibian anura) Weather Vane


The Frog Weather Vane, Amphibian anura, with Lily Pads and three blossoms is a variation on our Frog and Lily Pad design. This version has two lily pad and three lotus blossoms while the other version has one lily pad and two lotus blossoms.

On this particular weathervane our customers requested that we gild the flower blossoms so they would stay a luminous golden color. Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed.

This frog comes with a choice of different colored translucent glass eyes. People who order this weather vane get to choose the eye color they want for their frog weather vane. Popular choices of eye color for this vane are green, emerald, red or topaz.

In Scotland the frog is seen as an item of luck. Households often keep stone frogs in their gardens and they are often given as house warming presents. The associations are believed to date back to Pictish times.