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Frog Weathervane and Peach

Frog Jumping Peach Weather Vane


This adorable vane design of our Frog and Peach Weathervane was the inspiration of our customers who reside part of the year in Martha’s Vineyard. As they were building their home they realized topping the roof with a hand crafted weather vane would be a perfect complement.

After the design was settled on we rushed the mounting hardware to their builders and put the vane into our schedule. While we provide stable mounting systems for installation on existing roofs, catching to opportunity to ‘build it in’ is a bit simpler.

The design is hand fabricated from copper sheet with the addition of a brass leaf. Also selected was optional gold leaf for the veins on the brass leaf and the webbing on the frog’s toes. As this vane patinas the copper and brass will have a very subtle contrast while the gilding will remain bright highlights for up to 100 years!

This family also sent us ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from England to seal into their vane and to bring a bit of their home across the pond.

Here’s the response we got when we emailed the pictures of their completed vane.

Oh my! Its GORGEOUS! I absolutely LOVE it!!! 
Can’t wait to show my husband. He will flip. Thank you.