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Children’s Weathervane – Girl with Umbrella Silhouette

Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane Silhouette


The Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane is an all copper silhouette style weathervane. Silhouette weather vanes were popular during the Victorian era and are a less expensive alternative to more traditional, swell-bodied weathervanes.

For silhouettes we work with a heavier gage copper sheet than we do when making a swell-bodied vane. Even with this additional thickness, we rarely make a silhouette weathervane larger than the medium size (two-foot sculpture piece) because much strength in a weathervane comes from shaping and soldering two separate sheets of copper together.

Silhouette vanes are most effective when displayed against clear skies. With the addition of optional gold leaf, a silhouette vane will hold its own against a visually competitive background such as trees, a hillside or another structure.

Providing additional interest, we offer optional gold leaf to further define elements of this particular design. For example, we can gild the girl’s face, hands and legs as well as the umbrella itself. In our silhouette weathervanes, we use cut-out eyes to further define the features. This allows the eyes to turn color, reflecting the various moods of the sky behind.

We also offer a swell-bodied Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane. A swell-bodied weather vane has dimension, meaning it is made of two separate hand-shaped pieces of copper which are soldered together, leaving a hollow interior. This gives the sculpture piece a more nuanced appearance, additional strength, and takes considerably longer to make.