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Children’s Weathervane – Girl with Umbrella

Umbrella Weather Vane

swell bodied

If you look up and see this Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane on the move above your house, you know you are in for an active weather day. If it is a blustery morning or a rainy afternoon, she will give you the lowdown so you know what to expect. And we can never look up and see her with thinking of the wonderful musical “Singing in the Rain”.

As shown in the photo here, she is constructed from copper with optional gold leaf accents on her face, hands and legs. When you order, you get to choose the metal combination that works best for you. Also note that the umbrella is made with cut-out panels. The umbrella’s function in this weathervane design is to act as the ‘wind catcher’, allowing the vane to turn correctly. There is a fine balance between ‘wind catching’ and catching too much wind. These cutouts create that balance.

If you’d like, we can turn this weathervane into a portrait of a special little girl in your life. Or add a beloved pet (call for pricing). Each of our vanes is made to order by highly skilled artisans. If you send us profile pictures, we can modify her hair, features and eye color accordingly. If the changes are minor, there is no charge for this. Included in the price of this weathervane is a personalized inscription and ‘lucky’ pennies inside the sculpture piece.  A popular choice is to include a penny from the year a child or children were born. All of our weather vanes include a ‘lucky’ penny from the year each weathervane is crafted, in keeping with the century old weather vane tradition.

The inclusion of a ‘lucky’ penny inside a weathervane dates back to the Victorian era. Several of the better known weathervane makers of that period began including a penny from the year the weather vane was made inside the sculpture piece, realizing that much much older vanes were undatable.

As a less expensive alternative to this swell-bodied sculpture piece, a silhouette version of the Girl with Umbrella Weather Vane Silhouette is also available.