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Golf Weathervane – Frustrated Golfer

Frustrated Golfer Weather Vane


This Frustrated Golfer Weathervane was commissioned by a customer with a good sense of humor. He lives in Calaveras County, California, home to the famous Frog Jumping Contest, and wanted a glass eyed frog added to his design in an amusing way.  We all loved the result.

In addition, he requested optional palladium and gold leaf to create a more dramatic sculpture piece. The golfer’s hair, eyebrows and mustache are leafed with palladium, while his face, hat, arms, shoe details, the golf ball and the grasses were gold-leafed. As the piece weathers through the shades of brown and eventually patinas in the classic greens, this gilding will remain bright and display contrast for many years.

A fun combination for a golfer with two cupolas would be to put our Frustrated Golfer Weathervane on one cupola and our Happy Golfer Weathervane on the other cupola, expressing the full range of golfing emotions!Happy Golfer Weathervane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This unique, handcrafted, custom made, Happy Golfer weathervane features brass and gold leaf accents.