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Owl Weathervane – Great Horned Sitting

Great Horned Owl Weather Vane on Branch (Bubo virginianus)

on Branch
with Grapes
with Arrow and Fletching
Small:add $250.
Medium:add $550.
Large:add $750.
with Brass Inlays
Small:Not Available
Medium:add $550.
Large:add $750.

The Sitting Great Horned Owl Weathervane, Bubo virginianus, was our first owl weathervane design. In 1995 it was commissioned by a couple in San Francisco. We have since crafted Horned Owl Weathervanes for customers all over the country. There is even one now spinning for a client in South Africa!

This sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, with the option of a copper and brass in combination. The most popular way they are ordered is with accents of optional gold leaf on the facial markings, neckband, and legs.  Please consult the sidebar for some of our more popular variations. Gold leafing is quoted separately due to the fluctuations in the cost of gold.

The parts that we gild will remain a light golden color as the rest of the weathervane patinas first a deep chocolate brown and eventually the distinctive turquoise green for which copper is known. We also purchase Owl taxidermy glass eyes to give a more lifelike and animated appearance.

In addition to this Great Horned Owl Weathervane on Branch, we also offer this Great Horned Owl with an Arrow and Fletching, and with Grapes. Or you could personalize this owl by adding an element that is important to you.

Owls are a popular and visually effective weather vane subject. Our Snowy Owl Weathervane and a Spotted Owl Weathervane are also very popular. If you have a particular favorite type of owl we have not yet designed, we would be happy to create a weathervane for you showcasing that species.

The Great Horned Owl, also known as the Tiger Owl, is a large owl native to the Americas. It is an adaptable bird with a vast range and is the most widely distributed true owl in the Americas. Great Horned Owls range in length from 18-25 inches (46-68 cm) and have a wingspan of 40-60.5 in (101-153 cm); Females are larger than males, an average adult being 22 in (55 cm) long with a 49 in (124 cm) wingspan and weighing about 3.1 lbs (1400 g).