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H5 Logo Weathervane – Exclusive

Logo Weather Vane, H5


This Exclusive H5 Logo Weathervane is a lovely example of the creative ways our customers choose to express themselves with their weathervane. This is not an advertising logo, because nothing is being sold or advertised. It is more of a branding, or family crest. It demarcates the home place of a family. What a wonderful keepsake in addition to qualifying as American Folk Art.

The sculpture pieces were fabricated from copper sheet. The H is a box assembly, and the antlers are swell bodied. Optional gold leafing has been applied within the H and its cozy looking roof-line with the number 5 revealed in copper. This application will accent the number 5 and create a bright, eye-catching element as the vane weathers, darkens, and patinas.

Notice the size of the fletching on the arrow. Because this design is close to being equilateral (not exactly by close), we added some extra dimension to the fletching, assuring that the design will function correctly in the wind.

Notice also the little ‘ears’ below the vane and above the globe. That is a Security Device. This weather vane was going to a high altitude location with significant winter storms, so that option was requested.

‘Always Home’ is inscribed on the horizontal tube of the arrow, and ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from important life events for this family have been sealed in the H5.

In the distant past, before general literacy in society, weather vanes were often used as pictographs, helping to identify specific locations. In this case our customers are identifying home.