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Hare Weathervane-Leaping

Leaping Hare Weather Vane


The design for this Leaping Hare Weathervane was commissioned by a couple with the surname of Hare who were in the process of refurbishing a historically significant barn and wanted a weathervane for its cupola. They were naturally very particular that their design be clearly a hare with no mistaking it for a rabbit.

They also requested a half arrow fletching that included their business name in gold leafed letters. We added some optional gold leaf to the arrow tip as well. Brass grasses were added to give the hare a more natural setting. As this vane weathers and patinas, the copper and brass will first turn various shades of brown and then green, all the while maintaining subtle differences in coloration. The gold leafed name and arrow tip will remain a bright contrast for many decades to come.

The couple also felt a real sentiment for the traditional ‘lucky pennies‘ and asked that we send them the pennies of their chosen years so that they may make wishes on them before they were sealed into the sculpture piece. After making their wishes they mailed the pennies back to us and those were the coins we put inside their weathervane for good luck. They asked that their names be inscribed also, an included choice for all of our weather vanes.

Each and every of our weather vanes are essentially one of a kind. We do not begin until you, our customer has directed us on all of the fine and fun details. Do call if you have a dream weathervane we can help you make real.