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Puffin Weathervane With Frog

Horned Puffin Weather Vane with Frog (Fratercula corniculata)


Our Frog, Amphibian anura, and Horned Puffin, Fratercula corniculata, Weather Vane was one of our more challenging commissions. It was ordered by a couple whose affectionate nicknames for each other are ‘Puffin’ and ‘Frog’. They wanted the Puffin as realistic as possible but the frog with a more whimsical nature. We decided to depict them engaged in scintillating conversation. Here you can see the result of our collaboration.

In addition to the standard copper typically used in weather vanes, they chose to have the Horned Puffin made with optional gold leaf and nickel silver and the frog of copper with optional gold leaf. The spots in the mushroom as well as the arrow tip and fletching also have optional gold leaf.

Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed. In addition, people who order this weathervane can choose the eye color they want for each creature. In this example the Horned Puffin’s eyes are made from handcrafted yellow glass with black pupils and the Frog’s are translucent red glass.

Each figure in this weathervane can also be made as an individual weather vane. For example, if you are interested in just the Horned Puffin, or just the frog, please contact us for a quote.

The Horned Puffin (Fratercula corniculata) is an auk, similar in appearance to the Atlantic Puffin. This bird’s bill is yellow at the base and red at the tip. The yellow bill plate grows annually before the breeding season and is later shed. They have a small fleshy black “horn” above their eyes, a white face with a dark line extending from the back of the eye, and red feet.

Horned Puffins nest in colonies, often with other auks, on rocky islands off the coast of Siberia, Alaska and British Columbia. Their nests are in burrows, or in rocky cavities or among rocks. There is usually one chick and both parents feed the young. Horned Puffins will tirelessly return to the nest from hunting in distant waters with several small fish in their beaks. They also eat squid and crustaceans.