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Horse Weathervane – Jumping with Female Rider

Jumping Horse with Female Rider Weather Vane


This Jumping Horse Weathervane with Female Rider has a wonderful sense of motion and lift. From a distance it really does appear to be entirely off the ground.

The copper sculpture piece has been fabricated in highly detailed swell-bodied style by our talented artisans. The horse has taxidermy glass eyes. One customer chose ‘Lucky Pennies’ for inclusion and another requested an inscription on the horizontal bar. As pictured above, you can see that optional gold leafing was chosen to bring bright, eye catching details to the piece.

With all of our weather vanes the traditional penny from the year of manufacture is sealed inside the sculpture piece.

We would love to discuss adapting this piece for you. The rider can be man, woman, or child. It can also be a portrait of both the horse and the rider. Every weathervane we make is custom in many ways. Fabrication is not begun until the customer has had their personal input. Here is a picture of this sculpture piece with a male rider.