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Horse Weathervane-Running

Running Horse Weathervane


Our Running Horse Weathervane has been quite popular. In the two pictures above you can see that one customer requested we apply optional gold leaf to the mane and tail, and the other preferred the look of copper for the entire sculpture piece. As the vanes weather the gilded tail and mane will remain bright and eye-catching for many years. Adding this element can be very helpful in locations where the background is visually busy.

Elements such as distance and background are important in selecting both the size and the enhancements for a design. We work with our customers to determine what is best for the specific location the vane will be mounted.

This design is fabricated in swell bodied style. As is the case with most of our horses, we used brown glass eyes, to give the horse a more lifelike and animated appearance. However, this is a choice you make when you place your order, along with any optional gilding you might like to match your horse’s markings. Also, at the time you place your order, you can choose to have us add an optional stamped inscription (no charge) and whether you want ‘Lucky Pennies’ included beyond the traditional penny from the year of the vane’s creation.