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Ink Pot and Quill Weathervane

Ink Pot Weather Vane with Quill


This beautiful, classic design of an Ink Pot and Quill Weathervane was commissioned by a professional calligrapher to go atop her new studio. She was so excited, and helped us to get the design just right. We have lots of experience working in copper but we often rely on our customer’s expertise to make sure the design accurately reflects their profession, passion or personality.  After initially presenting her with the design, here were her comments:

” I loved the design concept.  I would make the upper portion of the inkwell (where the quill first dips in) not as long, they are usually shorter.  The quill should be a bit thinner, and I would like to see just a few more stray feathers as you did closer to the base.”

We made these changes and the weathervane design was made better by these modifications.

The sculpture piece of this weather vane is crafted out of a combination of copper and brass sheet. The ink pot was done in brass while the quill and arrow were made in copper.  The ink pot, quill and arrow tip were done in the swell bodied style while the feather fletching was constructed in the silhouette style. Our client looked through our entire selection of arrow motifs and selected what we refer to as our Angel Feather Arrow to serve as the’wind catcher’, because it’s feathered fletching design fits so well with the quill in the ink pot.

Our Angel Feather Arrow is a lovely selection for a simple weathervane in and of itself.