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Kangaroo Weathervane – With Joey

Kangaroo Weather Vane with Joey


The Kangaroo with Joey Weather Vane shown here was built of copper with an optionally gold leafed joey. We used brown glass eyes with black pupils to give both the kangaroo and the joey a more lifelike appearance. If desired, we can create a more naturalistic environment by adding optional copper or brass grasses to the ‘ground’ currently represented by the horizontal copper tube.

We can also add a half arrow tip and fletching to this weathervane to indicate wind direction if desired. The Tasmanian Tiger and Tasmanian Devil to the left shows an example of this. Customers can specify their preferences when placing their order.

This jumping kangaroo also makes an appearance on our Noah’s Ark Weather Vane, which shows Noah listing pairs of animals as they go on board the Ark. In the Ark Weather Vane we wanted to capture as many animals from different parts of the world as possible. The kangaroo was our symbolic addition to represent the Australian continent.

A while back, we received a nice year-end email from customers for whom we made a Kangaroo Weather Vane back in June of 2012. As you can see when you read their two notes, we may have a Platypus Weather Vane in our future! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the Platypus, how cool is that?

Email #1: “Hi LizAnne, I couldn’t let the year end without wishing you all every happiness for 2013, and to thank you again for our beautiful Weathervane. We finally finished our renovations on our house here in NJ just before Hurricane Sandy struck. Thankfully we had no damage to the house, just a few trees down in the yard. But the best news was that our beautiful Kangaroo Joey Weathervane had not yet been put up on the house. So it was safely tucked away in its box throughout the storm. It has now been put in place and we are thrilled with how wonderful it looks! Thanks again and all the very best for 2013! Cheers, Sharon and Brendan”

Email #2: “Hi LizAnne Thanks for the email. Yes it would be fine to post the photos (and quotes from the letter if you like – we don’t mind being identified). As transported Australians enjoying living in the US, it is nice to combine the two cultures a little. We may well be back in the New Year to commission a new work – we are putting a new shed in and, with all the streams around us, it seems perfectly appropriate for a Platypus weather vane. Kind regards, Sharon and Brendan”