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Noah’s Ark Weathervane – Domestic Animals

Noah's Ark Weather Vane with Domestic Animals


Our Noah’s Ark Weathervane with Domestic Animals has been quite popular. One memorable commission was a birthday present for a gentleman named Noah from his large extended family (each of whom put a ‘Lucky Penny‘ from the year of their birth into the ark along with two special pennies celebrating his birthday). Each family member got to select which animal represented them!

Another fun project was to make an extra large version for Beckwith Animal Hospital here in California’s Central Valley. Theirs is mounted on the roof of a brand new, 15,000 square foot, state of the art, large and small animal veterinary care facility. The Noah’s Ark vane is visible both from the street and as you pull up to the animal hospital to park.

The animals selected, as well as the number of pairs included, can be personalized at the time of ordering and glass eye colors can be selected. You can also select optional gold and palladium leafing to accent parts of this sculpture, maintaining bright metallic accents as the vane weathers and patinas. The animals pictured are in the swell bodied style. However they can also be fabricated by our artisans in the silhouette style, saving on additional labor, materials, and overall expense.

Please see our original Noah’s Ark weathervane for examples of silhouette style animals and basic pricing.Noahs-Ark-Weathervane-022208-W2