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Liberty Bell and Forceps Weathervane

Dental Forceps and Liberty Bell Weather Vane


Our Liberty Bell and Forceps Weathervane is another example of the long tradition of using a weathervane to assist customers in finding a place of business.

Historically, the first metal weather vanes were used by the aristocracy to show their coats of arms. When fabricated metal became affordable to the merchant class and others, weather vanes were often used to help customers locate places of business. Lawyers might display a quill weathervane, shipbuilders might have a sailing ship weathervane, and official governmental centers might display a banner weathervane with cut out numbers to indicate the year of incorporation.

In this case an oral surgeon whose business is in the home state of the Liberty Bell requested this design. We like the way it combines a historical feel with two symbols significant to his location and practice.

This weather vane was fabricated in Simple Swell Bodied Style. The bell is brass, with an engraved inscription of the business name on the top. The forceps and the ‘wooden’ yolk were crafted in copper, with brass brackets and bolts.

We have made weather vane signage for businesses from schools, to medical clinics, to ranches, jazz clubs and bookstores and many more. If you have an idea for using a weather vane as signage for your enterprise, we would love to discuss it.