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Lobster Weathervane

Maine Lobster Weather Vane


This Lobster Weathervane was first commissioned for a family compound off the coast of Maine that has been in the family since the 1700’s. We can just imagine how integral the prized Maine lobsters have been to their gatherings! The property is sheltered by some further offshore islands, breaking the winds a bit, but they can still be very strong, so a security device was selected as a precaution (that’s the little ‘ears’ you see above the upper globe).

As with many of the oceanic designs in our catalog, the customers who want them usually live in a coastal environment, with all that includes: high winds, salt air, big storms, etc. Because of those atmospheric elements it was quite an engineering challenge, designing a functioning sculpture piece that included the intricate detail of the lobster’s many fine legs, while making it sturdy enough to take the weather in a hurricane. Phew. We strengthened the leg sections by having each attached to the next at their claw tips. We also added some very inventive gusseting within to prevent warping. Thanks to our master artisans for figuring all of that out with us!

The copper sculpture is crafted in detailed swell-bodied technique. The name of the compound and date of establishment is inscribed on the copper spire. There are ‘Lucky Pennies’ affixed inside the lobster’s body from important dates for the family. A custom stainless steel bracket was made to architect’s specifications to mount on an existing cupola.

For a property that has been in a family for 250 years, adding a classic weather vane will be an enduring part of that legacy into the future as a beautiful example of American Folk Art!