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Musician Weathervane – Piper and Bird

Flute Player Weather Vane with Singing Bird


This Piper & Bird Weathervane, aka Boy Playing his Pipe for a Singing Bird, was commissioned by customers who had seen a similar weather vane on their travels in Europe. While this weathervane could certainly be made in a swell-bodied version, they opted for a silhouette style to more closely resemble the original.

Many of our weathervane designs lend themselves to interpretation either as a silhouette or a swell-bodied sculpture piece. Silhouettes have the advantage of being faster to construct and are therefore a less expensive alternative. The more time consuming swell-bodied versions tend to be more visually complex and can be made in larger sizes because they are formed from two shaped pieces of copper that have been soldered together, adding strength.

As pictured the sculpture piece is in the medium (two-foot) size. Also requested was optional gold leaf to help define the piper’s flute or pipe, flute ‘quiver’ and the singing bird. Note that in this silhouette version both the bird and the boy have cut-out eyes. In the swell-bodied version the boy and the bird would have translucent glass eyes.

While the Piper & Bird perform their duet, West Coast Weather Vanes offers a number of other musically themed weathervane designs including a Musical Note ‘G’ Clef, a trio of Jazz Musicians (saxophone, trombone, & clarinet) and a Fiddler on the Roof Weather Vane. If you have something musical in mind, we specialize in custom, handcrafted copper weathervanes and would be happy to explore the possibility of making one for you.

The Victoria, Australia Chamber Music Concert Series recently requested permission to use our image of this sweet weathervane for their woodwind concert program. We just wish we could have attended!