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Om Weathervane – Design

Om Weather Vane


Our OM Weathervane will be crafted in copper. It is pictured here with optional gold leaf applied to the swell-bodied symbol. If this Om Weathervane is just right for you, then without design fees you could own #1 in our limited series for this design.

We love this design and the idea of it. It is a Buddhist and Hindu symbol that is traditionally thought to contain every living thing and every material inside it. In other words, it represents everything that exists in the universe. It is believed by many to protect against mistakes and help in remembering what is most important.

It is also said the Om symbol can express your wish to enter the state of absolute harmony and inner peace, like a guideline for your life, a reminder that your life is short, and you have to live it right. Its fun taking the meanings of this symbol and incorporating them into a weather vane; pretty much covering all the aspects of ‘knowing which way the wind blows’.