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Osprey Weathervane

Osprey Weather Vane Hunting for Fish (Pandion haliaetus)


The Osprey Weather Vane Hunting Fish, Pandion haliaetus, also known as the ‘fish eagle’ is shown here doing what an osprey does best. Also known as ‘the sea hawk’, ospreys are diurnal fish-eating birds of prey. In this version, we used a horizontal copper tube to represent the water, with the fish swimming just below the surface the moment before the osprey strikes. When viewed on a rooftop or boathouse, the drama of the moment is clearly captured against the deep blue background.

Ospreys are known for their distinctive light and dark markings. In this example we used copper to match the dark markings on the osprey’s face as well as its outer wings and tail. We added optional gold leaf to the bird’s body and inner wing panel to showcase their very striking appearance. On our original Osprey weathervane design the fish made was a Striped Bass, however, variations can be made as another customer chose a Crappie which reflected a common fish found in their area.

We also offer a Hunting Bald Eagle Weather Vane in a similar classic pose. Another option for this Osprey Weathervane design is to place a fish atop each directional letter. In this alternate design the osprey sculpture piece is lowered so it hovers in the wind just above the fish on the directionals. Please contact us directly if you’d like more information on this option.

Ospreys also serve as mascots and logos for several famous sport teams and businesses. One of our Osprey weathervanes was made for the Seattle Seahawks Football training facility in Renton, Washington.