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Sailboat Weathervane – Bullseye

Bullseye Sailboat Weather Vane


This sweet Bullseye Sailboat Weathervane was first commissioned as a surprise 60th Wedding Anniversary gift for a couple whose joy has been sailing. When we are working on a surprise gift we have some nice cagey procedures to be sure the recipient is not tipped off. Mainly, all correspondence is done in a personal name, not the company name, as are phone calls and emails.

This sculpture piece of their favorite vessel was fabricated from copper sheet in 3D Style. On the mainsail their logo and numbers are shown in optional gold leaf. On occasion we have a customer who wants their boat weathervane to be an exact replica. In this case we request comprehensive photos, including the hull! While the hull is so seldom seen when the boat is in the water, it is a primary part of the visual when mounted as a weather vane.

The happy couple chose an unusual but perfect spot on the roof peak at the entrance to their home to mount their vane, instead of the highest peak of the roof which was not really clearly visible. We advise all of our customers to choose a location for their weather vane where they can see it and enjoy it!

They also requested we attach ‘lucky pennies’ from the year of their wedding and the 60th Anniversary to the deck of the boat.

Weathervanes are a wonderful gift and an immediate, collectible, family heirloom.