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Sailboat Weathervane – Concordia 47 Yacht

Yacht Weather Vane - Concordia 47 Sail Boat


This Concordia 47 Yacht Weathervane is a highly detailed, 3 Dimensional, near replica of two sailboats the family who commissioned it had owned, which explains the two names on either side of the hull. It was ordered as a gift – one of those great surprises spouses can do for each other. In this instance it was the wife who dreamed it into being. The boat is fabricated primarily of copper, with a brass cabin. As this sculpture piece weathers, and then patinas, these different metals will age to slightly different tones and be a nice compliment to the brilliance of the details that are gold leafed. This customer requested the number on the sails and the trim line be represented in optional gold leaf, in addition to the vessel’s name, which is included in the price. This sailboat was also inscribed with the date of a 1st place racing win, and it had ‘lucky pennies‘ sealed into the hull to commemorate the husbands and the sailboats birthdays.

West Coast Weather Vanes specializes in custom copper weathervanes and many of our sailboat weathervane designs represent actual sailboats. Our customers often want the sailboat Weathervane we make for them to reflect their boat. You can see a number of examples in the sailboat section of our website where we have done precisely that. 

Sails can also be customized to look like those on a particular sailboat. There are several factors that affect the price of our boat weathervanes. If our customers are able to provide us with schematic drawings of their boat, we can often reduce our standard custom design fee accordingly. Some of our customers have even lent us models of their boat to help us made their Weathervane as realistic as possible. Because the price of our weathervanes is based on how long it takes our artisans to make them, the detail level requested will affect the final price. Some of our sailboat weathervanes have cockpits, steering wheels, detailed sheets, etc. Some don’t. Normally weather vanes are viewed from below and details like the cockpit and steering wheel may not be visible from this angle. If we eliminate these features or reduce them in complexity, we can reduce the cost of the weathervane accordingly.

Do remember, however, that handmade copper weathervanes can last a very long time, even a century or more. Your weathervane may not spend its entire life in its original location up on the roof or on a cupola. Someone in the future may want to display it indoors as a piece of collectible American Folk Art. If this is the case, details like the cockpit and steering wheel would be visible and highly valued. This is one important aspect in favor of adding these types of details.

Either way, since each vane is made to individual order, we can add or eliminate details based on your preference. A fun fact is that probably more than half the sailboat weathervanes we’ve created were given as gifts, either for a birthday or other special occasion or by a grateful crew to its skipper.