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Snowman Weathervane

Snow Man Weather Vane


This whimsical Snowman Weathervane was commissioned by some fellow craftspeople who specialized in Snowman themed art and exhibited their work at various holiday craft fairs. In show season they placed the weathervane atop their booth to attract visitors to their display. The rest of the time it resides on top of their house. We love its delightful childlike quality.

While theirs was crafted in swell bodied style, in a combination of copper and brass with optional gold leaf on all of the snow elements, we could also apply optional palladium leaf to mimic silvery white snow. Either will keep a bright color for many decades as the snowman’s carrot nose, eyes, buttons, top hat, stick arms and little rickety fence all darken and eventually patina green. This design would also adapt to the more economical silhouette style without losing its charm. 

A perfect Weathervane for those who delight in the pleasures winter has to offer.