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Soccer/Football Player Weathervane – Male or Female

Football Player Weather Vane


The two Soccer Player Weather Vanes featured here are both variations we currently offer. They are each the same price, you simply select the one you prefer.

Each of our human weathervane comes with a choice of translucent glass jewels for eyes. You choose the eye color of your soccer player.  We can also add optional gold leaf to the sections of the sculpture piece that are shown in brass above. Gold leafing the soccer player’s face, arms and legs as well as the soccer ball creates light and dark contrasts that helps keep the weathervane visually exciting as it goes through the patina process.

This weather vane is a classic example of a non-mirror image weather vane, meaning it has different sets of pattern pieces for each side of the sculpture piece. When the wind shifts directions, each side has a slightly different appearance. This technique is usually applied when you want to convey a sense of motion or action. If both legs are together in the same position (mirror-image), the person is usually standing still but when the legs are staggered, motion is implied. Non-mirror image weathervanes are technically more difficult to make because you have to match up two dissimilar sets of pattern pieces during construction, but the dynamic effect is well worth the effort.

We have made versions of this soccer design for sports facilities in Texas, California, Tennessee and Florida. We can personalize the weathervane to reflect a teams’ clothing, and a school or team logo, (provided we have permission to do so). We can even create a portrait weathervane if you would like to honor a special soccer player. Just send us photos so we can discuss your project; our specialty is custom crafted weathervanes and we have made many, many portrait weathervanes over the years.

In addition to our two human soccer player weathervanes, we also offer a soccer ball weathervane.