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Dinosaur Weathervane – Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus Weathervane Dinosaur


The Stegosaurus Weather Vane shown here was originally commissioned as a thank you gift for the director of the Morrison Natural History Museum in Colorado by the owner of a nearby dinosaur dig destination hotel. The owner was doing an extensive remodel of the Best Western Denver Southwest, adding many dinosaur related artifacts and educational exhibits.

This weathervane is actually based on Stegosaurus Armatus, a dinosaur whose almost intact remains where first discovered in 1877 in the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark. The stegosaurus sculpture piece itself and hillside below it were made in copper with brass grasses. Per our customer’s request, it has red glass eyes with black pupils. We etched distinctive markings into the protective plates that line its back.

In addition to this Stegosaurus Weathervane, our customer also commissioned a large Pteranodon Weathervane for the covered entry to the hotel. We also offer a Triceratops Weathervane. Since we are big dinosaur fans ourselves, we are still hoping someone will decide to commission a Tyrannosaurus Rex Weathervane or a Velociraptor Weathervane. I’ve already done some research and have some great ideas on how to make this a cool weathervane. We have an outstanding offer that I will do all the design work for either of these dinosaurs at no charge for the first person to order one from us.

Stegosaurus, meaning “covered lizard” in reference to its bony plates, is a genus of armored, stegosaurid, dinosaurs. They lived during the Late Jurassic period some 155 to 150 million years ago in what is now western North America. In 2006, a specimen of Stegosaurus was discovered in Portugal, showing that they were present in Europe as well. Due to its distinctive tail spikes and plates, Stegosaurus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. At least three species have been identified in the upper Morrison Formation and are known from the remains of about 80 individuals.