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Surfer Weathervane – In the Curl

Surfer In The Curl Weather Vane


The design for Surfer Weathervane – In The Curl, was a collaboration with our client’s vision, his daughter’s artistic creativity, and our stellar design crew, making it all come together beautifully and functionally. We love the way the surfer seems to be in air, while the design has him ‘anchored’ in three places for stability. Weather vane designs that are close in width and height have a novel presence, and pose some interesting design challenges. And this vane was going to an east coast beach house, subject to some powerful nor’easters! Though the home it would be mounted on is quite tall, we all agreed that a large size would be perfect. It would have less wind resistance than and Extra Large, and the tall roundness (sic) of the design gives it a larger visual presence than a lower, flatter design, i.e. a dachshund.

The copper sculpture piece has been worked in swell bodied detail. The wave foam is accented with hand hammered chasing and optional palladium leaf gilding. The surfer’s skin has been optionally gilded in gold leaf, and his glass eyes are blue. The very specific application of gilding will further enhance the visual impact of the ocean elements as the copper weathers and darkens. Because of the winds in the location, a security device was also requested.

The design was commissioned by a family with three generations of surfers. They asked to have ‘Lucky Pennies’ from the birth years of all of them, in addition to the traditional penny from the year the weathervane was completed, mounted inside the wave.

This is a true family heirloom!