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Three Daughters Weathervane

Portrait of Three Daughters Weather Vane


Our Three Daughters Weathervane was commissioned by a proud father to capture his daughters at a particular moment in their young lives. This weathervane is highly unusual in that it is a portrait of three unique individuals, each with their own personality, captured as a moving sculpture piece. Because it is crafted in copper and brass, metals favored by weathervane makers for their longevity, this beautiful sculpture will hopefully be handed down in their family for generations to come.

Our artist worked from professional photos taken for the specific purpose of creating this portrait weathervane. The photographer’s goal was to create strong profile images of each girl. This meant showing their faces in profile and staggering their legs and arms to create easy to “read” silhouettes against the skyline. The father and girls decided on the specific order and poses to symbolically represent the personality of each daughter. The father had the original photo, from which we worked, enlarged for display purposes inside their home.

The girls are fabricated in copper, with brass skirts.  The copper and brass will weather and patina with subtle differentiation. In one of the pictures above you can see how this sculpture piece looks before the gold and palladium gilding, immediately after polishing and before any weathering has occurred. Gilding in optional gold leaf was chosen for the girls’ faces, arms and legs and the two blonds. Palladium leafing was chosen for the three girl’s tank tops, and detail on the jacket lapel. This bright leafing will maintain a wonderful contrast to the darkening non-ferrous metals for many decades to come. We used translucent glass jewel for each girl’s eyes; two of the daughters has blue eyes and one had green eyes.

There are a number of ‘lucky pennies‘ in and on this piece. The sculpture of each girl has a penny from their year of birth sealed within, and the horizontal tube they stand on is capped on one end with the year this weather vane was constructed, and the other is capped with a penny from the year the parents wed.

One side of the horizontal tube has an inscription plaque with the current year and family name. On the other side, each daughter has a plaque at her feet inscribed with her name and date of birth. What a lovely family heirloom has been created here!

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