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Children Weathervane-Three Girls with Kite, Portrait

Three Girls Flying a Kite Portrait Weather Vane


Our clients for this Three Girls with Kite Weathervane loved our Children’s Weathervane selections, and the kite flying combinations in particular. For this sculpture piece they hired a photographer to capture their girls in various poses, after consulting with us on what kind of views we would need to design the piece. (To be effective visually at a distance we basically need faces in profile and the limbs spread, though there are exceptions.)

As pictured, in this portrait vane our customer requested optional gold leafing on the girls faces, arms, and legs, and palladium leaf accents on the youngest’s skirt and crown. The girls bodies are fabricated in copper with their hair in brass. As this vane weathers and patinas, these two metals will become more similar in tone, with a subtle distinction remaining. The gilding will be in bright contrast for many decades. All three of the girls have blue glass eyes.

We also sealed in ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important years in the families life, and the always included penny from the year of manufacture. The pennies from the birth years of the girls are attached to their bodies. The arrow beneath the girl’s feet is inscribed with the fond name they have given their residence. What a wonderful heirloom this family has created. Its value within the family will outshine its value as American Folk Art.

If you fancy this weather vane you might be interested in our Three Daughters Weathervane also. It is another lovely piece. In this one you can see a shot of the girls themselves, from this we could proceed with our design.