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Toucan Weathervane

Toucan Weather Vane


Our Toucan Weathervane was ordered by some lovely people who live in snow country, but love the toucan’s of the tropics. We think perching this guy on the globe of the vane was a wonderful idea. Its fun working with customers to make the best weather vane possible and pleasing them with the results.

This toucan is fabricated in copper in swell bodied style with taxidermy owl¬†glass eyes and optional gold gilding to accentuate the bird’s feather markings, beak and feet.

Also sealed into this bird are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from a number of significant years in this family’s life in addition to the traditional penny from the year this sculpture was sealed.

Please note in the pictures the security device our customers requested because they live on a large northern lake that gets big winds. We hope some day to see pictures of this guy in his snowy home, defying the elements!