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Dive Boat Weathervane

Dive Boat Weather Vane


Our Dive Boat Weather Vane is modeled after an actual dive boat berthed in Santa Barbara harbor. It was commissioned in the large size (approximately 3-foot sculpture piece) which enabled us to incorporate many details into the design.

The customers who placed this order are passionate scuba divers. Not only did they order the Dive Boat Weathervane but also ordered a small sized (one-foot sculpture piece) Scuba Diver and Hammerhead Shark to place on top of the directionals below the dive boat. Very cool idea!

The customers were able to provide us with detailed plans for the dive boat’s construction. When the all copper sculpture piece was completed, just for fun, we decided to test it out and put it in our swimming pool. As you can see, it actually floated!

When ordering a custom ship weathervane, we are often able to reduce the design fee if detailed schematic drawings are available. Also helpful are detailed photos of the actual boat we will be making including the underside of the boat, as this is an important view when looking up at a weathervane. If actual scaled down models are available, we often find them helpful guides during the construction process.

Because the price of our weathervanes is based on how long it takes us to make them, another consideration is the degree of detail. Some of our ship weathervanes have cockpits, steering wheels etc. Some don’t. When mounted on a roof you look up at the weathervane and details like the cockpit and steering wheel may not be visible from this angle. If we eliminate these features or reduce them in complexity, we can reduce the cost of your weathervane accordingly.

Do remember, however, that a skilled handcrafted copper weathervane can last a very long time, even a century or more, and may not spend its entire life in its original location up on the roof or on a cupola. Someone in the future may want to display it indoors as a piece of American Folk Art. If this is the case, details like the cockpit and steering wheel would be valued. Either way, since each vane is made to individual order, we will add or eliminate details based on each customer’s preference.