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Dog Weathervane – Great Dane Standing

Standing Great Dane Weather Vane, Ears Cropped

Great Dane - Ears Cropped

This Great Dane Weathervane has a beautiful profile against the skyline. As shown, the dog, in classic conformation pose, has been fabricated entirely of copper with cropped ears. We also offer a version with natural ears. If you’d like, we can add a collar with a tag in the shape of a heart, a circle or a dog bone, and an inscription of your dog’s name..

Many of our Great Dane vanes have been made as portrait weathervanes. On one, working from photos supplied by our customer, we used gold leaf to match the white markings on her dog’s chest. On another, we used palladium leaf to accent the muzzle and ears. If you send us pictures or a video of your Great Dane, we can, with some precision, match its markings and transform it into a personalized portrait of your dog.

Great Dane Portrait

Perhaps because of their large stature, most of the Great Dane weathervanes we have made have been ordered in the large size (three-foot sculpture piece) for display on homes. We have also crafted a few small versions for use inside the home. Another desirable location for this ‘man’s best friend’ wind sculpture is in a garden, where you can see and enjoy your weathervane from inside the house.

We offer another Great Dane weathervane design, inspired by a beautiful white female bounding through the grass. We used optional gold leafing to mimic her striking white coat, leaving small exposed “spots” of natural copper to match her dark markings. The sculpture piece is complete with the blues glass eyes often associated with her light coloration. Whether you want an athletic running or leaping pose, a hunting dog on point or a family pet in an endearing play bow position, please let us know your preferences so we can adapt our designs to best capture the personality of your dog.`

When a customer orders a weathervane from West Coast Weather Vanes they are given the opportunity to select the metal combinations, eye color if applicable, ‘lucky’ pennies and optional gold or palladium leafing to accentuate the features of their dog.  Each weathervane coming out of our studio is made from start to finish by a single craftsman who oversees all these details and then signs, dates and numbers the weathervane within its limited edition series.

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Standing Great Dane

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Running Great Dane

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