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Canadian Flag Weathervane

Canadian Flag Weather Vane

Silhouette Version
Wedge Version

Our Canadian Flag Weathervane was ordered by a couple who had seen and loved our American Flag Weathervane, and wanted one for their beloved home and country.

Silhouette style weathervanes are good for low or normal wind conditions. If you have a high wind environment, such as directly on the coast or on a mountain top, we offer a wedge shape version of this design. The wedge shaped version consists of two separate sheets (rather than one in the silhouette style), with a small air space where the two sheets connect with the vertical copper tube. This small air space make the weather vane stronger in a high wind environment.

You can order the Small Size (one-foot sculpture piece) or the Medium Size (two-foot sculpture piece) in either the silhouette or wedge shaped styles.

They live in the windy, wide open prairie of Manitoba, Canada and were remodeling and restructuring their home after wind damage that had even ‘disappeared’ the previous weathervane that had been on their roof. That vane had been mounted with a fairly light bracket. Their new Canadian Flag Weathervane would be installed using our Basic Drilled Method which embeds the vertical stainless steel rod into the roof’s framing. Then, to be extra safe, it was protected with and optional security device.


Further, because of the strong prevailing winds, it was determined that their flag should be of a stronger construction than our silhouette style American Flag. For this Canadian Flag we fabricated it as a thin, tapered rectangular box. Silhouette vanes are one single sheet thick. This modified box construction provides the added strength of two sheets soldered together with gusseting in between, making it much less likely to torque in strong winds.

In both of these flags the detail is created with gold leaf. This leafing is included in the pricing* for our flag vanes. We would be happy to personalize either of these flag designs for you, be it a nation, state, city, business, or sports team. We would be happy to work from your pictures to get the flag exactly right.

* Because the cost of gold leaf fluctuates frequently, it is possible that the price for this weathervane could go up or down based on current market conditions. Please verify pricing with us prior to placing your order.