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Gosling’s Rum Logo Weathervane – Exclusive

Gosling's Rum Seal Logo Weather Vane

Exclusive Design

This Gosling’s Rum Logo Weathervane is a great example of the effectiveness of business-oriented weather vanes.  Historically, weather vanes were first used just by royalty and the upper classes, flying their heraldry and coats of arms. As metalworking became increasingly more available to the working classes weathervanes became a way for businesses to illustrate their activity for a largely illiterate populace. For instance, a smithy might have an anvil weathervane on the street, or a poultry farm might have a rooster, or hen and eggs.

Here at West Coast Weathervanes, we have created many business-themed vanes, such as a toothbrush for a dentist, a caduceus for a medical clinic, a still for a distillery, and a stork with baby for a nursery school.

This logo vane was created to be mounted adjacent to a polo field the company supports. It is crafted in swell-bodied style in large size. The sizing took some time to assess because of the viewing distances across the large playing field. The ring has been gilded with optional gold leaf and the bands on the barrel with palladium leaf. The glass eyes are dark brown. Our customer worried for a moment about how to get the seal a darker color, until learning that the seal, with weathering, will become a dark rich brown.

All of our weathervanes are made to order, making personal customizing of existing designs the norm. But, if you want to create an exclusive design that no one but you can order, be it a logo or something else personal and unique, we are happy to discuss the details.