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Horse Weathervane – American Saddlebred High Stepping

American Saddlebred Weather Vane High Stepping V1


This Saddlebred Horse Weather Vane is based on a champion Saddlebred named ‘Our Axel Rose’. The original design was created using customer photos and video of their spirited stallion. We had long wanted to make a horse weather vane based on this breed with its distinctive high stepping gait and long flowing mane and tail. We knew its profile against the skyline would be spectacular.

This beautiful weathervane can be made in optional metal combinations of all copper, copper with a brass mane or with optional gold or palladium leaf on the horse’s mane and tail. We can also match individuating markings such as white ‘socks’ or a blaze on the forehead, using optional gilding. As the copper patinas you will see a dramatic contrast in color between the weathered copper and luminous gold leaf.

The American Saddlebred, formerly known as the American Saddle Horse, is a breed that was developed in Kentucky by plantation owners. Today, in the horse show world, they are most commonly seen under saddle in Saddle Seat style riding, and in various types of driving, including pleasure driving and various types of fine harness competition. They are also occasionally seen in other disciplines including dressage, hunter/jumper, and western riding. They are popular parade mounts and used for trail riding due to their comfortable gait and steady temperament.

Saddlebreds can also be five-gaited, performing not only the walk, trot, and canter, but also ambling gaits known as the slow-gait and the rack. The slow gait is one of three possible four-beat gaits performed at a relatively slow speed only slightly faster than the walk, with substantial knee action. The slow gait may be the lateral even-tempo singlefoot, the lateral asynchronous stepping pace, or the diagonal fox trot. The rack is a ground-covering lateral four-beat gait and is much faster, with the horses snapping their knees and hocks up quickly. Ancestors of the Saddlebred were naturally gaited, and many Saddlebreds today can learn the additional gaits.

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