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Horse Weathervane – Friesian

Friesian Weather Vane Walking


This Friesian Horse Weather Vane is one of the most spectacular in our horse series. It is also one of our most popular. Because Friesians are black, we usually craft this weathervane entirely in copper because it will first weather to a deep chocolate brown, however we can optionally gold leaf the horse’s mane and tail. If desired, we can even add a half arrow fletching below the horse’s rear hooves and gold leaf the farm or ranch name onto it, matching particular fonts.

One of our Friesian horse customers built a new barn with six cupolas and put five large and one extra-large Friesian Weather Vanes on top of them. When they all turn together in the wind, the effect is quite magical. Another customer, who also raises Friesians, placed her sculpture piece on a wall bracket in a recessed arch just inside her front entry. A light shines down on it from above and throws beautiful shadows on the wall behind it.

Because of their large and powerful heads and necks, we are able to do lots of sculptural modeling on the Friesian’s head. This makes it a fun design for our weathervane makers as it gives them a chance to work ‘big’, creating powerful but finely modeled features and musculature. These artisans employ shaping techniques specifically designed to create the feeling of a powerful, large boned horse.

In comparison, they take an entirely different approach to their shaping when making an Arabian, striving to create a more refined, light and delicately featured horse. Because we hand shape each weathervane and have two decades of experience, we enjoy the challenge of expressing different breed of horses and their very distinctive personalities.

The Friesian horse is a breed from Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. Although originally bred as a draft horse, the breed is graceful and nimble for its size and was later developed into a finer-boned nobleman’s steed. During the Middle Ages Friesians were in great demand as destriers (war horses) throughout Europe since their size enabled them to carry a knight in full armor.

“We finally got some decent weather so I could go out and take some pics of my new weathervanes. I love them! My barn/arena is definitely the talk of the neighborhood. The weathervanes finish it off. Hopefully I will have my horses here by the first of June. Thanks for a beautiful product. They truly are individual works of art.”

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