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Horse Weathervane Arabian / Egyptian – Mare and Foal Running

Straight Egyptian/Arabian Horse Weather Vane - Mare and Foal Running


Our Running Mare and Foal Weathervane is quite popular with our equestrian customers. In the version pictured here our customer customized the design some to create a more active a playful look, capturing the personalities and configuration of their Arabians. Customizing or personalizing an existing design is an economical way to assure your weather vane sculpture piece has the look and ‘energy’ you are hoping to capture.

The copper horses are crafted in detailed swell bodied style. The glass eyes are brown for both horses. The tails and manes have had optional palladium leafing applied. This leafing will be a bright and lively contrast as the copper weathers, darkens, and eventually patinates. These are the kinds of details that are decided when you place your order. All of our weather vanes are custom made to order and these little individualized touches help us make you the best vane possible.

You might have noticed in the pictures above that this weathervane has a security device installed. Security devices are included with all of our winged vanes to prevent them from ‘taking flight’ and optional for any others. They are recommended if your weather vane will be mounted in a high wind area or in a region that occasionally sustains destructive storms.

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