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Horse Weathervane – Quarter Horse – Mare and Foal Running

Running Mare and Foal Quarter Horses Weather Vane


This Quarter Horse Mare and Foal Weathervane is one in a series of Running Mare and Foal Weathervane designs that include Arabians and Thoroughbreds. Our customer for this particular variation was building several new barn structures on their ranch in Wyoming. They also ordered a portrait weathervane of one of their Black Angus Bulls. By ordering two weathervanes from us at the same time, they took advantage of our 10% multiple purchase discount.

If you look closely below the copper ball at the base of the sculpture piece, you can see that we also included an optional security device. A security device helps secure the sculpture piece to the top of the stainless steel installation rod in locations where you get occasional high winds. We also added gussets strengthening the attachment of the horizontal copper tube to the vertical copper mounting tube to further reinforce it.

This particular vane is copper with brass directionals. It is fabricated in detailed, swell bodied style. The horses have brown glass taxidermy eyes. There are ‘Lucky Pennies‘ capping each end of the copper tube.

Another sweet look is our Standing Mare and Foal Quarter Horse Weathervane.

Mare and Foal Weathervanes are quite popular, probably because the sight of a mare and foal in a field is so wonderfully charming. Its just sweet to see. We have created mare and foal combinations, both standing and running, in several breeds: Arabian, Egyptian, Thoroughbred and now Quarter Horse. This vane is a portrait of a particular mare running. We are happy to personalize our designs to create portraits with particular conformations and statures.

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Horse Weathervane – Quarter Horse – Mare and Foal RunningHorse Weathervane – Quarter Horse Mare with Foal Standing Design
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