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Horse Weathervane – Dressage Extended Trot, V2

Dressage Horse Weather Vane, Extended Trot, V2


This Extended Trot Dressage Horse Weathervane, V2, was created as a result of customer requests. They saw our Extended Trot Dressage Horse V1, and requested a variation with a lowered lead leg. Fabricated in swell-bodied style, and with glass eyes, we can easily make this a portrait vane by working from photos of the horse. Personalizations, such as creating a portrait, are commonly done in our studios, because each weather vane is made to order from each customer’s specifications. Here’s what she had to say when we asked to use her photo from the installed weather vane:

I would be so happy and flattered if you posted it to your website and you can put my farm (The Silos Farm) name and/or Newnan, Ga or whatever you want on your picture! It doesn’t matter to me! It is SOOOO GORGEOUS I love that others will get to experience its beauty!                  Thank you so much! Nadia

In the photos above you can see that customer requested optional gold leaf gilding for the tail and mane on their copper vane. This extra adds a wonderful, eye-catching detail, that will remain bright for many years as the copper weathers and darkens. The decision to go all copper, copper and brass, or copper with gold leaf depends on how prominent you want your weathervane to appear in its setting.