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Horse Weathervane – Racehorse, Single, Ver. 2

Racehorse and Jockey Weather Vane


This Racehorse Weathervane was designed for a client living on the California Coast. The family are lovers of horses and the art/skill of racing. They wanted a very active pose, and this version of our Racehorse Weather Vane does seem to be on the move. They selected a mix of metals for the swell bodied fabrication of this piece, with the horse in copper and the halter and girth in brass. These decisions and the choice of glass eye color, and any other options are all selected at the time you place your order. The gilding options selected for the pictured vane are gold leaf for the pants, shirt accents, hands, face, saddle blanket, girth pad, and bridle accents, and palladium leaf on the boots, goggles, and bridle ring. As this sculpture piece weathers the brass and copper will maintain a subtle difference while the gold and palladium will create wonderfully detailed accents. ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates for this family were sealed into both the horse and the rider.

It is also possible, with the help of your photos, to further personalize this weather vane design, to become a portrait of a particular horse or person, or both. Our wonderful, highly experienced artisans enjoy the challenge in these projects!

Here is a lovely note we received when this piece arrived at its new home:

thank you so much…I can’t wait to have it installed It is just beautiful a wonderful work of art, that I will treasure forever..

We also have a Version 1 Racehorse Design, that is yet to be made and the same price. If you order V1, you will get to own Number 1 of our limit of 50 in this design.

Racehorse Version 1


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Horse Weathervane
Racehorse and Jockey,
Horse Weathervane –
Racehorses Double
– Exclusive Design
Horse Weathervane –
Racehorse, Single,
Ver. 2