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Horse Weathervane – Racehorses Double – Exclusive Design

Racehorse and Jockey Weather Vane - Double

Double Racehorse & Jockey Weathervane - Comparable Design
Single Racehorse & Jockey Weathervane - Comparable Design

This Racehorse and Jockey Weathervane Double is one of our all time favorites. It was and exclusive commission by an internationally known horse owner/trainer and his wife, to represent two of their favorite horses. Exclusive weathervanes cannot be replicated for anyone other than the owner. We are showcasing it here as inspiration to other horse racing enthusiasts. We can create other portrait Racehorse Weathervanes, either single or double, based on your personal interests. We can also create a weathervane of just the racehorse itself, sans jockey (see examples in our  Gallery below).

Displayed atop a stable, racetrack, barn or home, a Racehorse Weathervane can be a crowning statement about your passions and pursuits. A number of our customers have actually written off the cost of their weathervanes as a unique yet prominent form of advertising for their commercial farms, ranches or equestrian facilities!

As shown in the photos above, we applied optional gold and palladium leaf to match not only the markings on the two horses but also the jockey’s colors. The pricing that appears here gives you a feeling for the approximate cost of creating a copper and brass Race Horse Weathervane (single or double) along these lines. Any optional gold and/or palladium leafing would need to be quoted separately depending on the extent of the gilding.

If you would like us to prepare a quote for your consideration, please give us a call or send us an email. As was the case here, if you have any photos of the horse (and jockey) you’d like represented, they can be very helpful in conceptualizing the project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please enjoy our Racehorse and Jockey Gallery

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Horse Weathervane
Racehorse and Jockey,
Horse Weathervane –
Racehorses Double
– Exclusive Design
Horse Weathervane –
Racehorse, Single,
Ver. 2