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Leaf Logo Weathervane

Leaf Weather Vane - Logo


Our customers special ordered this Leaf Logo Weathervane in a size larger than our regular extra large to keep it to scale on their Inn, which was a great choice as you can see in the picture above. The leaf is fabricated from copper in Simple Swell-Bodied style. Optional gold leafing has been applied to the veins of the leaf to add visual interest.

At the time of this order they also ordered our Holstein Dairy Cow with Boy Weathervane for their Inn, and our Chanticleer Rooster Weathervane for their hotel. Again, a great choice. While we always offer a 10% discount on our customer’s subsequent orders, when your first order is for two or more weather vanes you get the added bonus of 10% off on ALL vanes! We’d love for you to take advantage of this great deal! (Discount applied at the time each of the following vane transactions are completed.)