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Mermaid Weathervane with Sea Shells Design

Mermaid Holding Seashell Weather Vane Design


Our Mermaid with Seashell Weathervane Design is new to our catalog. Because of the way the body is arched and the tail turns back this sculpture piece will be very very visually effective. For instance, in a large, 3 foot weather vane, you are actually getting an almost 6 foot mermaid!

As drawn, the copper sculpture piece is fabricated in Swell Bodied style. The eyes are glass, and the skin has optional gold leaf applied. There are numerous ways to personalize this showpiece. The shell could be different, as could her hair. These are details that are determined at the time of your order, as is glass eye color.

Mermaids are a popular design here at West Coast Weather Vanes, possibly because of their charm both physically and mythically.

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Mermaid Weathervane with ClamshellMermaid Weathervane with MoonMermaid Weathervane with Wavy Tail
Mermaid Weathervane with Clamshell
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Mermaid Weathervane with Moon
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Mermaid Weathervane with Wavy Tail
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Mermaid with Sea Shell