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NeverEnding Story Weathervane

Never Ending Story Weather Vane


Our goal in the design of this Neverending Story Weathervane was to capture the energy of Michael Ende’s book of a young hero’s journey, and the beauty of the tales’s friendships in their exuberant quest. Designing this piece was a satisfying challenge. Conveying the luck dragon, Falkor, as flying with Atreyu above their friend on horseback took some thinking. In fact it took our entire team working with our customer’s good ideas to make this work.

We like our solution for putting our dragon and hero into the sky, above nickle silver storm clouds, hovering over a copper mountain range. For this version Falkor, the horse, and the boy’s faces, arms and hands have been gilded in optional gold leaf. Falkor has brown glass eyes and the boys have topaz glass eyes. NOTHING IS LOST….EVERYTHING IS TRANSFORMED is inscribed on the horizontal bar. So fitting for a victory against The Nothing.

This beautiful weather vane is going to age and weather beautifully. As the ferrous metals change tone the brightness of the gilding will create a lovely-eye catching contrast.

This customer also ordered a weather vane of CS Lewis’ Narnia story, Lucy and the Lamp Post. We always offer a 10% discount on any subsequent orders to our customers, but if you order your first and second vane at the same time you receive 10% off on both, discounted at the time of payment.

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